Spontaneous Abortion.

from by The Clockwork Deity



Arterial blood leaks from my sacrifice.
Limbless torso, nameless, forgotten in time.

Undulating parasite, harvest organs; no survivors.
Veins hang from the mouth that deceived us all.

Soulless corpse of your firstborn.
Born of blood to cleanse us.
He feeds our fear. We feed him.

What have you done?
Off with his head.

He will rise.

Slaughter every prophet of a God that isn't ours.

Our last hope; they took what was ours

Let it decay.


from An Anthology of Human Sickness, released May 12, 2017



all rights reserved


The Clockwork Deity UK

Operatic Deathgrind.

"It is Human nature, after all, to strive to become something we are not and to fail to become what we could have been."
- Ill.

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